Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer solstice --
just after six months
Santa Claus is coming!


Bill said...

And I'll bet you cup of eggnog is half full.

Devika said...

Yes! six months -- seems a long time...but it will be too soon, Tikkis :)


Magyar said...

* * * * * *
__Six stars for this one Tikkis, as time marches on. _m

Tikkis said...

Bill: a good idea. A very good idea!

Devika: Finnish commercial Santa Claus got a business-office at Rovaniemi (polar circle). When passed that when returning back home last week that was not so busy yet.

Anyway, now I'm staying at Turku area some weeks, then to eastern Finland.

Magyar: Thanks! Six stars!
This is one I wrote when visited Deatnu. (Deatnu; lappish word, meaning A big river.)

A starless sky,
just one seen --
the sun

Devika said...

May be next life I will set off to see the world...all this info, makes me want to :)


Tikkis said...


mmm, in my next life I think I should be an asteroid?

Be an asteroid
and see the Universe!