Sunday, June 27, 2010

Midsummer Day , afterwards

funny night --
I and the sun
still fully awake

Here in Turku - 60 degs North - the sun is up from 3.57 to 22.48 o'clock. In Utsjoki - 70 degs North - from 17th May to 28th July.

I'm again at Turku.

Ps. also it was the Full moon last night; whick one did I celebrated with??


Devika said...

with all due regards and respect, Tikkis....frankly, after reading it all, to me, it seems the celebration was with wine/beer/whiskey or something like that! :)

and, nice reading all the responses, Tikkis :)


Bill said...

Sounds like a great day.

Tikkis said...

Devika: Sorry to say but I can celebrate without wine/beer/whiskey, (I prefer Cocnag!)

Sure I use all those, but quite often I like my life just as it is.

We got warm enough here now, but not too warm. Not got any rain for many days, not any thunder.

A short summer --
just four more weeks
to meet my mother-in-law

And Bill: it was, yes.