Saturday, June 19, 2010

rainy day ...
a good reason
to stay inside


Bill said...

All the reason you need, and a good ku as well.

Devika said...

watching worldcup
rain outside
has ceased long ago

soggy fields
delays the game

some fun sets Tikkis :)
but seriously speaking...will the "rains" ever cease??


Tikkis said...

Bill :-)
Practicing before next autumn's full moon viewing's exercises with some excuses...?

Devika: Hello!

ceased rainshowers --
tireless sun listening
my snoring

Rains? I hope not. Only problem is where it rains, and where it doesn't, I think.

I just visited Northern Finland (and Norway) and it was not so warm over there, somewhat rainy, also just a few sleetshowers too, but mostly sunny. Visited with my friend Northern Norway and promised to return "before the sunset". It will be around 20th July over there. (28th in 70 degs N.)

I'm now already at Turku, and it's the summer solstice; here the sun is up from 03:50 to 22:50.

And Devika, nice to see you!

Devika said...

The Sun is up? and rains over...well, seems I am blinded :)

it doesn't rain
in the barrenlands
until He smiles

thanks Tikkis :)


Ava said...

Rainy days make me sleepy ... time for a nap.

Tikkis said...

Devika and Ava:

The rain itself is very important.
Somewhere it's raining perhaps too much, but those barrenlands would need all the water?

When it's raining we don't like it,
but when it does not rain at all -


or not rainy
time for a nap