Friday, August 03, 2012

borders, neighbors

red border -
I can hear our

At first the text was:

red border -
I can hear our neighbors
having some fun


Bill said...

Nice revision, tikkis. Makes a real difference.

Ashi said...

Both Tikkis have their own life, and good ones too, I think I made third one ;)

behind hoarding
neighbours hide
but the sound

Gillena Cox said...

i like the second version mre, leaves enough space for the reader to wander

much love...

Tikkis said...

Ashi. That sound ...

the sound calming down -
the train crossing
a swollen river

Gillena: Ok. Original was the truth, for a while. Then they had something to argue...

World peace
after another bottle
of white wine

(Mostly Finnish think Koskenkorva-vodka is like some kind of white wine...)

As King Harald told a story when returned from The Higlands (=Now Scotland): "They had some kind of brown wine over there, they called it Whiskey..." This happened around 1000 AD, I think.

Is it true, who cares.