Thursday, August 02, 2012

Slightly different story:

Conquered branches
hiding the sunshine -
August's colony


Bill said...

I notice two different ku here, one on the photo and the other standing alone. Are you of two minds, or have you decided that one is for haiga, the other for haiku?

Tikkis said...

Hello Bill! You found it. That's because I usually build up several different texts. Seeking what satisfying me. (Sometimes none...)

Anyway, text inside the photo lies deep in OWS-movement whose OWS Poetry Anthology I have read. (Some nice poems in it!) Then I had something more in my mind...

In June I again visited our Lappland and met some sami-people there. Good friends. Sometimes they have similar stories with Indians.

This second one has something to do with native-people.

Perhaps good to add a new line, something like "another story" or "what do you think abt this" etc.

My way to write and publish in different blogs is something like a lab, too.

When is this life ready made?

My mother-in-law got a saying that don't panic, this world is ready made already...

I think it is not.