Saturday, August 25, 2012


August vacation -
empty mailbox got wet
in late summer rain

I took off my word verification. Let's see what's happening.

Do you remember old scandal where email-passwords "unveiled". One lonely lady heaved: "Oh no, now everyone sees that I never receice a single email..."

This next one is for Bill, I borrow it here from Bill's comment-box because I like the idea:

lonely mailbox -
tinned spam
got an off day?


More stuff around this idea:

a spy-master
short of unused stamps -
accountable profit center


Tikkis said...

Testing my word verification now missing:

I had a longer story to publish here, beginning from spam-mailers. And Wikileaks, CIA, Swedish secret Police (They can read all the internet-traffic from Finland.)
((Sometimes I'm sending something interest for those our Swedish friends ... They never reply me!))

Also mentioned China and Bulgarian or therefrom, etc.

But due to high level diplomacy I didn't puplish all the details... -)

Bill said...

Like you, tikkis, I have disabled word verification.