Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making a problem

calm night
week after my birthday
a calm morning

At 6 o'clock I walked towards Turku Central Railway station. A sunny morning. Build up a threeliner in my mind when walked:

a calm night -
now a calm morning
a week after my birthday

Rised R3 as R2, and I did not accept R3 just something like "August".

In my mind the word "calm" sounds somewhat 'cold'. Is it? Neither cool?

Anyway weather was calm. But what about a short night?

A short, calm night just a week after my birthday & now also a calm morning.

:-) If "short" then perhaps calm only once.

R3 got an "a" in front of it. And the word "short" did not succeed? Did i got a problem?

When seated in the train and a got a nice cup of coffee I wrote once more my final solution:

short night
not a week after my birthday
a calm morning

Whose problem? Approaching Helsinki, the train making 160 km/hour. We'll get a nice summer day anyway.


Bill said...

short night
already a week
since my birthday

Just a variation on your theme

Gillena Cox said...

"calm night
week after my birthday
a calm morning"

like this version best; hope you enjoyed your birthday

much love...

Tikkis said...

Thanks Bill and Gillena .-)

Day after day
the summer
still continuing