Saturday, January 08, 2011

smoke from chimneys --
global warming theories


Gillena Cox said...

they are still regarded alongside 'Global Dimming' theories

LOL even when it snows

Devika said...

global warming
these logs
too cold to catch fire?

winter sun sleeping
Spain waits for
April 2011-
to decide
nothing can be done?

what if man
decides to ignore
global warming theories-
will 2012 be the end?

I have added three more questions to your's, Tikkis, just for the sake of questioning....does anything change here, except climate?...and thats one more :)


Bill said...

Not hardly, tikkis.

From a few months back:

lingering heat
my conservative neighbor
changes the subject

Remember when the weather was what you talked about when you didn't want to get into an argument?

Tikkis said...

Gillena, Devika and Bill: Yes.

Global warming theories are partly false? But how can be sure?

It's been much more warmer, and much more colder here in this our planet earth.

To solve this global warming we must pay some slush money for 'poor countries' corrupted governments. Why?

Finland also paid a sewage treatment plant in St. Petersburg, in 'poor' Russia. (To save a little bit our Baltic Sea polluting more.)


An old volcano
breathes out
carbon dioxide