Friday, January 14, 2011

I visited Helsinki and returned yesterday. The train arrived as planned by the Time Table. This time. Turku is westwards from Helsinki.

To the west!
Red light


Magyar said...

__I really like all of these -snow photos-! Do we live on the same street? We've 'bout the depth of snow here... just north of the Cape Cod Canal.

the birches
bow to this new snow
a cardinal

[Cardinal, the red light?]

Bill said...

Ah, those red lights.

John McDonald said...

I like them too Tikkis well done (can I point out that I changed yesterday's haiku so it is different to the one on your link)

John McDonald said...

yes I enjoyed these (just a note tikkis I changed some words in the last zenspeug haiku)

Tikkis said...

Magyar: These buildings are from 1900 (Some are even older.) Best for this area is that herefrom it is just a few blocks to the market place.

We have also another place here in Turku; I keep my car over there, because I do not need it so often.

When visiting Helsinki I take a train, or a bus. (In the centre of Helsinki there are no any free parking lots.)

And this is a second year we got some more snow, and cold also. Where is that global warming?
Now it's rainig again and some melting of ice. (=Slippery!)

Last summer's bird
in the snowy tree
as it's home

Bill: Many cars don't agree the red color... Something to do with politics?

Red movement
making just some
exhaust gas

And OK John!

Devika said...

What would have been the roads if there were no red lights?

Magyar's Cardinal is effective too :)


Tikkis said...

How to vote
at the April elections --
red traffic lights!


Devika said...

April will give you a warm day...sleep over, Tikkis; it doesn't make much much as i know about politics and governance....boycotting elections is a vote too - if the government keeps proper census and tallies,

But if you are particular of voting, take an other route? :)