Sunday, January 09, 2011

parking lot
filled with
snow-capped cars

(Published today in Taro Kunugi's Facebook as my comment.)

This weekend we have got some rain. Plain water. +2 Celcius. This winter's beginning so early (in November already!)was one of the coldest I do remember. And usually winter begins here in January, (as today), and February is the usually the coldest month. (In March the sun is getting higher and is able to warm during lenghtenig daytime.) Let's see what is going on in near future.

Here is my own car:

A happy car
sheltered by soft snow --
peaceful January!


Eddie said...

Your car has a warm blanket :)

carlos gesmundo said...

Hi Juhani.

We have had a few of those snowstorms here, too. Maybe the cars are happy, but a number of those who have to shovel the snow are not.

Nice haiku.



Bill said...

new year . . .
hoping the rain
will wash away the snow

Tikkis said...

Thanks, Eddia, Carlos and Bill!

Wintertime means cold and snow. And higher costs; winter is expensive!

After a rainshower
wintry snows
are not at all cleaner

- Getting colder again, said the Weather Man.

I wonder why words Gold and Cold sounds alike; but when I paid our heating oil invoice I understood. .-)