Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today we had a short walk by the Turku Art Museum. There is a small V. I. Lenin's statue. He is heading his eyes eastwards, down to the market place and over the River Aura. It is about seven hours trip by train from Turku to St. Petersburg, ex. Leningrad.

Comrades !
Let's all head

See also my Finnish blog:

Three liner in my Finnish blog is something like this:

from pure white snow
Lenin's bare head


Magyar said...

Good pair, Juhani!
__Ah, the circled paths of the globe. _m

Bill said...

He doesn't really look so formidable there.

Tikkis said...

Thanks Magyar and Bill.

Mr Lenin visited Turku when he was escaping Tsar's Russia. Year was 1915 I think? He went to Turku archipelago during the winter and was about to drunk there... Did not.

Then he left Finland and spent some years in Russia, later CCCP.

An old friend,
just one overnight -
and a statue