Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the year --
this freezing snow
fell in love to me?

Happy New Year!


Eddie said...

nice haiku:)
So in Finland also have a lot of snow

Happy New Year

Mad Plato said...

I enjoy haikus, too! You're good! I'll bookmark your site. I found you serendipitously just now! (When I hit next blog after being on mine: VERBAL BLUNDER!

Happy New Year!

Bill said...

. . . with me, perhaps?

And who could blame it.


John McDonald said...

and a happy new-year to you

Devika said...

love or love-me-not; Global warming could mean more snow (and less water?)

Happy New Year, Tikkis :)


Anonymous said...

the year ends with the long tail of the squirtrel's shadow

Gillena Cox said...

Best Regards 2011; stay warm and keep on sharing your snow haikus