Thursday, May 01, 2014


Snow is frozen rain.
It is soft and white
and often settles on the ground.

(From Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, Oxford UP 1993.)

sleet celebrating
the global warming -
1st of May

Here is definition for snow
from Webster's Third New International Dictionary, page 2158:

I prefer that one from small Oxford more poetical one ?-)


Magyar said...

So good to see you again; I hope all is well! _m

__Seasonal changes, that time of nature's uncertainty

this tense time
season's change is the puzzle
no missing pieces

Tikkis said...

Sorry not been so active here...

retired man's puzzle -
too many extra pieces
to use

Magyar said...

I love this, your return comment!

"... retired man's puzzle -
.... too many extra pieces
.... to use"

__I, retired as well, realize that some of my >pieces< are from a >different puzzle<. Smiles! _m