Friday, May 23, 2014

easterly winds -
with an uninvited
hostile mosquito

If someone claims this as a political threeliner,
or a comment for Crimean affairs, etc,

so, what to say?



Magyar said...

__What a great 'politically' metaphoric thought, Tikkis!

their droan to draw our blood
vote recount

__Mosquitoes / Politicians; a spray to keep'em away? _m

Tikkis said...

_M: I had some difficulties to write this text to make it visible as a haiku...

Tryied to include here the word hornet, but maybe later. (Finnish Air Force is using Hornets.)

A soviet, sorry: Russian, Iljushin visited Finland deeply and they say they didn't...

An invisible
cold front
visiting our home

But the mosquitoes, and the snakes. I am allergic to them. Last summer I lay down in a hospital two weeks due to a snake hit it's mouth into my toe... :-(

In Finland we got only one toxic snake, and one of these just found my toe. Usch.

Magyar said...

__I remembered, then I searched back to early July; please do not disturb a snake's nap this summer!

cold blooded
my toe stepped into its sun
vulger venom

Tikkis said...

-M: If Adam & Eva were Chinese we still would live in our Paradise: They cooked and ate the snake ...