Friday, May 02, 2014

snowman's grave -
some of the memories
rinsed out

This one is a formulation for an old idea:

not yet ready,
     the snowman -
child's afternoon nap

There is not any more snows here, though we just got some sleet,
or perhaps not any snowmen seen around here.

An explanation for this problem was this text variation:

running spring waters
rinsing out -
snowman's grave

All this is from a piece of paper
that was hiding inside Louis Zukofsky's "A", page 376:

"An inequality /// wind flower"

(Copyrighted By Louis Z.)

Tasting that text and I should put the word "flower" as "flowers"


Ps. I understood that Mr. Zukofsky's son does not like to see his father's text borrowed nowhere, but here is just so few words that perhaps no problem?-)

Just a few word
among all the world's poetry
are inequality?


Magyar said...

in this puddle
a nose carrot floats
coal eyes

Smiles, the >liquid< snow! _m

Bill said...

melting snowman
another question
about Santa Claus