Sunday, February 02, 2014

ceased wind -
one leaf not yet reached

My January 2014 Shiki Free Format Entry. Got one point!


Bill said...

I got one point too, tikkis. Haiku is its own reward.

Magyar said...

The soul's wind; blowing out the this perilous flame; in final rest.

__And to agree with Bill... no one needs an award for haiku that they have written; re-reading, and others reading as you have written, is its own reward. _m

Mauri Keinonen said...

Fine point, haiku masters.

greetings, maurice

Tikkis said...

Shiki haikus, I think, are nowadays somewhat different they were 2000 or around? There are also quite many haiku today!

To earn one point from those, more than 100 different haiku is not bad?

Sametimes there are several very good haiku, too. Depending of course anyone's own taste...

Is a short text a formal haiku or a senryu, that's also a Q.

During this autumn and now winter I have not wrote so many short poems. Perhaps due to working too much with our trade union? I'm still working with our Finnish Radio Officer's Union. Taking too much my ideas?

a racetrack -
on old nag
& a hay fever

So, Bill, Magyar and Maurice: Thanks you too are alive!

Gillena Cox said...

Warm wishes on St Valentine's Day

much love...

Tikkis said...

Thanks Gillena !-)