Sunday, April 28, 2013

joined together ...
sand bank


bs said...

are these similar to haikus? I write poetry also on my blog but am unfamiliar with your form. I like them, though, because I enjoy haiku.

Bill said...


Tikkis said...

Thanks Bill!

And bs: haiku? Perhaps not, perhaps yes.

This text is built with some elements: sand grains are all together here.

But the sand bank is not a permanent one, not at all?

This world either?

Is the word "join" enough to tell something happening within this nature?

Season? Yes, summer time, this is from our northernmost river Deatnu (or Teno, meaning within our originals as a Big River) where some sandsbanks appearing during summer icefree-time...

And for myself L1 is an important word. Seems like solidarity... :-)

L3 the word "bank" has also another meaning. Cyprus Bank? All these sand-grains as a deposit account somewhere in a very safe place as Creek Banks are ?-?


But haiku or not, I like writing short poems, nearly minimalists. Sometimes they seem out like a haiku. Why not? Senryu ?-)

one sand grain
drifting upwards the river