Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Studying a sijo

guided missiles 

     over the Eastern Sea - 

morning sun

This is a copy from the threeliner i wrote today in my Finnish blog.

This is not a sijo, not at all, "Sijo" is a purely Korean poetic form written (in Korean) in three lines of 14 to 16 syllables, distributed according the following breath groups, for a total of 44-46 syllables.


Bill said...

And where does the sun go down? Good one, tikkis.

Tikkis said...

Bill: Wait just some 10 weeks and the sun goes nowhere over there in Lappland :-)

I read Issa from 1821:

blossoming mountain
from east, west, north, south
they come

(Copyrighted by Lanoue) Our weather bureau here "promised" some new snow, lets see:

April snowfall
from north, east, south, west
dark clouds


Magyar said...

reality show
this fear of an improved threat
a commercial break

__May be a weird way of looking at the 'new missile threat,' but
'advertising' often brings the results that the 'advertiser' seeks; call now, get a second missile free! _m
__Let's hope the show is canceled.

Gillena Cox said...

the rising sun, is guided by the greatest hand of them all

much love...