Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yesterday I visited Pori Jazz. Just a short visit. When returning home I stopped for a while. (Had nr one, you see I am an old man already!) Behind the trees the waxing moon was peeping.

O waxing moon -
where are you coming from?
I'm going home.

Data: Canon Pocket camera, 1/30, F 4,3, ISO 400, Zoom 60 mm (=full)
Date: 21st July 2010 at 22:54 local time
Sky: somewhat hazy
Myself: Happy

Ps. A Finnish draft version here: click into my my Facebook


Hiruta said...

O travelling poet -
you're coming home
I'm going to the cool

Devika said...

the moon
always home in the sky
where did you go, poet? :)


Devika said...

Oh you said the whole story there...and in a happy mood; nice to know, Tikkis :)


John McDonald said...

love it tikkis

haiku-shelf said...

I like it!

Best wishes,

Ashi said...

thumbs up ;)

Tikkis said...


falling petals
flying west and east --
my journeys north, and south

(This could be a comment for Ema Saiko's Hirano-text. Ema Saikoo; 1787-1861)


southwards --
the very same sun!

(Also something to do with Ema Saiko.)

And John, Angelika and Ashi:
Thanks for your visit!

Devika said...

the sun I knew
travelled east to west
and back -
where is this sun
coming from?

sun travelling southwards?
where the hell
am i?

Finnish poet,
why are you after
the sun and moon?

just asking...heard Finland is too hot these days - hope you are doing good :)


Tikkis said...

Devika: Sorry if there too much sun!

I drove 1300 kilometers northwards just to see how the sun is up there all the time. The sun meaning also the light.

During this weekend the sun's first sunset for a couple months up there. I'm here, in the southern part.

When visited shortly at Pori (just 140 km) and returning "south" saw that very same sun, still up there.

We will have the sun during the whole winter, but my friend up in Lappland does not. (December-January no sun.)

Issa got 500 moon-haikus from 9800, but only 100 sun-haikus. The spring got more than 500, but the rain more than 600.

(Checked from Lanoue's Issa-pages...)

I do not know how many haiku I have written, and how many involved with moon or sun.

But that is not so important for me; let's say no sun after this day! Neither moon. In this blog.


Devika said...

haha...Tikkis, You Too! :))

I am at peace, most of the time...No Big issues with sun or moon...and I myself seek refuge in them for poetry :)

Please don't stop it for any matter, Tikkis :)