Monday, July 05, 2010

June 2010 Kukai

These were my texts in June 2010 Kukai:

Freezing breeze -
the nakedness
of my old bones

That one I wrote when visited Lappland at June 2010. It was a northeasterly strong wind and temperature was something like +2 Degrees Celcius. (35 F I think?)
In the middle of the night I had a mission for a number one. Went out with just a thin shirt and thin trousers on me, without socks. (That cottage doesn't have a WC inside.)

Kigo subject was Nakedness. That was just what I felt.

Following one is Free Format Theme: Children

proudly watching
childrens' first flight -
a mother-crow


Bill said...

Tikkis, I was the author of the comment on your ku.

Devika said...

With the world going this way and that....we are all growing old before our age :)

Good ones, Tikkis :)