Monday, August 30, 2010

A four-liner

so many haiku
in this world --
August moon passed


Devika said...

Welcome back, Tikkis :)

fourth line...brings a sigh of relief :)


Magyar said...

Nice to see you back, Yikkis.

__So many haiku, [or Haikus as some people write that word] and I add to that clutter. It may be time for me to aid in the reduction of that clutter.

John McDonald said...

good one tikkis

Tikkis said...


Haikus is perhaps the correct one, but in Japanese there are many haiku... ;-) (Not so important matter, I think.)

There are many haiku, with -s, and when writing short poems there is risk write something not-so-good.

Waste basket - texts. But the problem is how to see those, and by whom. (How to trust some-one?)

I have many writers as my friends, but just a few "understand" haiku.

Issa wrote some 15.000 haiku, I have read. Lanoue's site got translated in English 9802 of those today.

The real dancer reading a short poem (as haiku, senryuu) is not to "see" it at all. Just some empty words?

But any explanation seem to be somewhat 'stupidos' also. :-)

Haibun is a very excellend way to write a short threeliner (or in one line, or in two as Santoka sometimes...) is very often a good way "to explain".

Funny; haiku was just 2-300 years ago just a good beginning for a renku.

Meanwhile, Internet is a good place to write and save especially short texts.

And because blogs are as diaries (daily text dairies!) it is OK to write just some line before (or after) the haiku, as a diary, but also as a part of a haibun.

As you do, and I love it very much!

Meanwhile, waiting for the Final Solution;

Haiku rules!

Gillena Cox said...

mars and moon
in conversation
for all to see

much love

Melissa said...

I really love this one.