Sunday, January 03, 2010

       withered snow 
going out of date --
this cold afternoon


Devika said...

the world
going out of date
sun - a distant memory!


Devika said...

Is the sun anywhere there??

its freezing cold snow!


Tikkis said...


Old year
out of date --
good morning new year!

- We got just some hours sun, - if it's clear sky. (In Lappland there is no sun; it's rising again on January some day.)

We got quite cold also here; -20 Celcius. Today, 4th, -5 Celcius. No problem.

Now we have snow also, and some-one even skied here.

Our skies are somewhere in Eastern Finland; usually we have not enough snow here in Turku, but a few weeks only... We have not travelled eastwards during winter time since my father-in-law died some years ago. (Mother-in-law spends her winter months in Portugal.)

Devika said...

okay....Your mother in law is very interesting :)

But, here its real bad after a rain yesterday....somewhere from the sky, there's light seeping through...

I love freezing cold...but only problem is that I have to punch the keys for about six to eight hours and it pains too much!


Gillena Cox said...

'withered snow' interesting

much love

RBroeker said...

First thought: great first line, but the second means the same. Second thught: and if it wasn't the snow but the lyrical I which is out of date? So line three opened another level of feeling the haiku. Very good, Tikkis.

Best wishes

Tikkis said...

Technically I wrote that text after reading some Bashoo's haiku. Tasting what whithering is, at the same time I put a photo where two candles were burning in the snow into my wife's blog. I got some extra photos left from that set. ...

The snow; after it's not any more new snow, - Withered?

I tested how this combination works; withering and anyway quite new snow, just a few days old.

- And of course, who is withered, I think it's obvious.

The photo is not so good one; I took it with my automatic-pocket one. White snow between and on white snow, it's difficult.

And today (the 6th Jan.) is, I think, the coldest day this winter; -21 Celcius.

Our invert-type heating pump is still working, but we burn also some firewood in our fireplaces. It's inside + 20 Celcius, as required from that heating-pump.

The other place we are also living here in Turku there is an oil-powered central heating, and it's working also OK.


The sun is waiting --
still some deep-frozen snow
in our global ice box

Devika said...

global ice box
soon to melt -- volcanoes
waiting to erupt!

or is it??

sun looking for
snow, snow and snow

whatever, i have other work to do :)


Kristin Riggs said...

I really like this. :)