Monday, January 25, 2010

long darkness --
an illuminated snowflake
appears in streetlight


Hiruta said...

Beautiful haiku, Tikkis san!

I introduced you to our readers on the website 'Akita International Haiku Network' on January 23.
Would you please check it out?

Best wishes,

Hidenori Hiruta

Magyar said...

of this starless night
snow fall

__Love the "long darkness," Tikkis.


Tikkis said...

Thanks Hiruta san!

a happy haiku
visited Japan --
a purring haiku-kitten


a notebook
filled with haiku --
morning´s snow

Janet said...

lovely image :-)

Bill said...

Light shining in darkness, and the darkness grasps it no.

Talon said...

I really liked this. I can hear the whispers of the flakes. Beautiful.