Saturday, January 02, 2010

      New Year's 
new haiku --
L3 not yet born


John McDonald said...

interesting one to start the year - happy new year to you and your family

Devika said...

hahaha! Only you can write such a haiku! :))

Great, great start for a Happy New Year :)


RBroeker said...

L3 has so many meanings ... Well, I am afraid I didn't get it the way you wrote it. But who cares: In my little brain this is a digi-time-haiku. Happy new year, Tikkis!

Best wishes

VioletRayne said...

Your 3-line poems are so cool. You've just inspired me to try making some. Happy new year!

Tikkis said...

Thanks John and Devika!

I did remember some New Year's cards with a newborn child .-)

Sometimes haiku's two first lines can be almost nonsense; the 'climax' sometimes is in the last line, L3.

My first
New Year's haiku --
fallen redwine glass

Ashi said...

well happy new year Tikkis, so now it's up to us then to finish your work? ;)