Sunday, January 10, 2010


It was a cold morning, a few days ago. There was a bright crescent moon visible above the street lights. When waiting the traffic lights turn green I wrote a short note in my mind:

& the crescent moon
shivering in a street corner

I did not like it and I buried it with some others. Today it's not so cold, - 7 C (or abt + 20 F) but a little bit colder inside (+20 C or abt +69 F). It's quite enough, anyway. Fluffing my papers and notes and notebooks. Saw that one also and found that L1 is one fault in it. And the corner? No way; a new one:

crescent moon
in red traffic lights


Devika said...

shivering, frozen seem becoming the theme of the day! and The way your haiku progresses is very interesting :)

and on cold -- seems as though colder days are yet to was so cold here...i was not well, may be thats why...


Bill said...

Thanks for letting us see the process that led to such a delightful product.

Gillena Cox said...

crescent moon --
me shivering
in red traffic lights

version 2 can also include the 'me' you used in Version 1

thanks for sharing the progression of your haiku Tikkis

much love

Ashi said...

Lovely - a working sketch - a progress followed - staying on the learning curve - thanks Tikkis

Magyar said...

__Did it warm up when the light changed?
__Tikkis, I like your progress of process here!

John McDonald said...

agree with Bill - a delightful product well done

Tikkis said...


The Global Warming
spending it's holiday --
but not in this planet?

Bill: I think that should be one purpose with blog-writings?

I agree, and your version is a nice progress! Thanks!


a Teacher
on a high sky --
the crescent moon


Green lights --
rushing towards
global, warm future

,-) or ,-(

I have an old from my notebooks, something like this:

a colourblind
woman waiting
all the cars disappearing

And thanks all visiting here.

I think a blog posting doesn't have any use-by-date ?

Devika said...

The Global Warming
spending it's holiday --
but not in this planet?

global warming
my stove and vessels
goes on strike

just temporary showing off, i guess-- will be back -- where to go? :)

blog notes -- please don't stop, Tikkis...very interesting as your reponses :)