Wednesday, January 22, 2014

freezing cold --
though the global war
getting warmer and warmer

Here I'm tasting the words 'war' - 'warm'...

a farmer
snuggled down -
all the bugs
deeply silent

This one is because I had to write something around the word 'snuggle'.

Anyway, just a few war-news, Afghanistan, Bangkok, Ukraina.

And in Finland somewhat just cold.

And due to Chinese money world economic is going forward.


Magyar said...

That Prometheus "syndrome":
Giving... to your death on one day;
-regaining life in a night's sleep-

Giving... to your death on the next day... on and on, and on__ day after day.

Tikkis said...

Magyar, thanks ...

We got a global-freezing period for some weeks, now its getting somewhat warmer, - 1 C (= 30 F) and just a few snow.

February -
Our thermometer
going busy