Friday, March 29, 2013

White Noise

White noise is a random signal with a flat (constant) power spectral density.

White noise - signal contains equal power within any frequency band with a fixed width.

(From Wiki.)


That white noise -
with us

This was written some days ago. Trying to "age" it, as a good old wine. Then we got sunny March days.


That white silence -
the snowstorms
left us.

This busy world
around us -
Sunny Friday


polona said...

sunny? does that still exist??
you're luckier than we...

the forecast says rain
will turn to snow

Bill said...

through spring . . .
where's the spring

Tikkis said...

Hello Polona !-)
The snow is a fascinating element, so silent, clean white.

Snow is melting,
some day, some year, sooner or later.

(In Arctic regions it will take sometimes some more times?)

This new snow -
how many times you
have reborn?


Lost somewhere?
This puckish spring-youngster
off his track


Magyar said...

"any frequency band with a fixed width" No modulation?

snowstorms -within us-

I really like #1 and #2; stress, and relief. Relief allows us to cope... #3, "this busy world around us."

Tikkis said...

Yes Magyar, thats pity. No modulation within white noise?

There is a wide radiotransmitter on, but no one keying it.

Sure there is noise built by our own equipments, as actice RF-pre-amplifiers etc.

But if using Dolby-systems it will clean extra "noise" and its silence there? Is it. And what is silence, dB?

(I published a poems collection long time ago named Dolby C. :-)

An old radio -
gleaming tubes

Magyar said...

this hum
as the tubes gain heat
80 meters

__My license has long ago expired... but my transceiver still works.

[please, read nothing else into the above ;<)]

Tikkis said...

fb Magyar!
I learned telegraphy when joined Finnish Navy. Sailed onboard a frigate as one of her radio-oprs.

After that I graduate as an international radio-operator and sailed as a radio-officer (merchant navy, of course) some 20 years. All the time I studied more radio-electronics, and ship's radars which I also maintenanced. I got a certificate for that, too.

Most interesting period was when I was within a training to teach other Radio-officers to understand digital electronics, and then something about computers. etc

When Radio-officers no more needed onboard the ships I joined as a civil to help Finnish Police with those communications and data-systems. Retired two years ago.

I am still working in Finnish Radio Officer's union. I'm a chairman now. Ought to retire therefrom soon, too, I guess.

Old Boy
listening the waves -
rcvd a bv msg


Magyar said...

__Just an armature on the waves, radio... or those of the sea. _m

clutter my receiver
band spread