Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One More Path of Looking at the Puddles

puddled path -
the only growing thing
is the swollen river


Magyar said...

Aaah, the growing river; here the tides, as well, causes the rivers to grow and recede.

Good one Tikkis, and on life's 'puddled path' keep your feet dry! _m

Eddie said...

nice, it works on the imagination

John McDonald said...

loved these Tikkis

Ashi said...

love this one Tikkis, like our own Å (river) to much rain far too much :)

Bill said...

well put, tikkis.

Tikkis said...

Magyar; yes. The Baltic doesn't have tides (just + - one inch I guess?) and this High Tide was due to strong South - Southwesterly gales in the Baltic. Water level varies perhaps one meter (3 feet) due to Low Pressure, High Pressure and due to Baltic storms.

Old pond,
when younger it was
a puddle

and thanks Eddie and John.

Ashi, as wrote to -M it is not the rains, but when a Low near us there is also Strong Winds and also Rain. This Å (å = river in Swedish) is just one nautical mile from the archipelago and the Baltic-sea level.


Bill: nice to see you here. It's a long way.

I wonder where these waters are going from our river; perhaps back to the heaven and clouds, but the rest into the North Sea, then with the Golf-Stream up Northwards, therefrom down to the seabottom? Where is a cold stream Southwards, perhaps seen under the Verrazano Bridge after a couple years trip?

Have you seen any?

And Merry Christmas. Tomorrow it's gone and the Sun is getting back again up there!