Monday, December 19, 2011

how on earth
this old puddle spent
it's long night?

This December is one of the warmest for a long time. And rainy. And dark. Anyway we got the sun up here some six hours, when my friend up there in Utsjoki none hours. (Their Sun will rise up 17th Jan next year over there.)

This text got a version where "puddle" = magpie. Tried to catch the magpie with my camera; didn't succeed. Only thing remains still when I have my camera is this old puddle...

If the rains will continue: Thirteen Ways of Looking At a puddle ?-)


Ripsa said...

The way to catch a magpie to camera's eye, is to befriend him/her. Start every morning by greeting it and soon it will come to look what's the machine in your hand and - click! It works!

Only, I have to admit that in the city it's a bit more difficult. But I have come in good terms with one nearby crow, though.

Bill said...

still a nice picture, though.

Bill said...

second look: "how on earth"
is a great beginning to your question.

Tikkis said...

Ripsa: tried! Some years ago I had a tripod with my camera, and when the crows and magpies and squirrels saw my tripod they got a Panic.

A gun!

When none tripod the photos are sometimes not so sharp ones...

And when got my camera ready and zoomed the magpies are somewhere else. Laughing. They have so much to do.


Bill: Also Wallace Stevens is one of my favorite!

And using phrases is sometimes dangerous.

- Our former Foreign Minister, not so good in English, visited African safari. When returned back home he was asked what did he saw:

- Dangerous!