Monday, October 04, 2010

wherever I walk
the fallen leaves crowded
all the paths

Yellow leaves sailing
from the shore
to the open sea

These are from September 2010 Kukai
(Both none points...)


Devika said...

Very autumn, Tikkis...i liked both,

and this points/competition - am personally against it --

my pen
again points
to the pointlessness of life


Devika said...

of forgot, its been long...Hope you are doing well :)

And nice additions, too


Magyar said...

Fine set Tikkis!

Falling leaves... captured by the winds... explore another realm.

As always! _m

Anonymous said...

Dear Juhani,

I don't like quoting. I never would attend a kukai. I think quoting kills poetry.
I like the second ku. It's metaphor and a great image.
Don't be concerned with this kukai. What really matters is your effort.

Best wishes

Tikkis said...

Thanks for Devika's pen!
& you got a good point!

Magyar: Thanks, as this autumn continuing freezing itself we must live here. And it's fun.

- I have nowadays studied Mr. Gary Snyder. A good man. My friend publishing a translation of Mountains and Rivers without End.

Otherwise I have not written in English so much. Perhaps later, again?

Rudi: I agree with you. I put those twins here because I like those, there is a short story behind those but never mind, now.

Kukai's archices did not work a year or two ago; now those are again working, I think.

- Here in Finland many so called - poets are "writing" and publishing Google-poems. Text googled I suppose.

- Poetry???

Here is one I'm quoting from my head:

The sea
drunk some oil --
Golf Stream stammering

--Polish scientiest say that because of Gulf of Mexico's oil spillage The Golf Stream will stop. That means somewhat chilled here!

Who pays our warming expenses?

Henrique Pimenta said...


essas folhas são o tapete para o mais...

Ralf Bröker said...

I like the first one - but there were some good one this time. It deserves points in any case!

I saw the picture in the second very clearly, but somehow it didn't touch as much as others.

Don't bother with me: it is great to read your lyrics, Tikkis. Points or not.

Best wishes

PS: A kukai is a game for poets with poems. Nothing serious, but fun. Who takes part, gets a wide range of quality to vote for - I love the playful character a lot (and have started a kukai in German ;-).

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralf,

I know very well that you like kukai. I don't like kukai. Don't mind my comment.
Certainly you know what Groucho Marx said:
"I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member."

I agree to Croucho Marx - just writing without any membership.

Best wishes

Tikkis said...


warmly needed --
though the chilly nights
are not sleeping

Thanks visiting, visited also your blog. Nice!

Rudi & Ralf;

I think writing haiku with a good company is a excellent way to write haiku!

This Shiki Kukai I have followed many, many years.

After autumn storms
there are
none leaves left

Ralf Bröker said...

Dear Rudi, dear Tikkis,

writing is not a way to victory. It is a way to show what you are. Feel. Think. Like. Love.

So is yours, I think.

Best wishes