Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallen leaves - Zen

This morning this express train from Turku to Helsinki is ten minutes late, as usual.
During the last winter due to lot of snow. Now lot of fallen leaves on the rail making those slippery.
Checked my Email - waiting a message; none yet.
Surfing and found following:

Zen and the Art of Poetry: An Interview with Jane Hirshfield
by Ilya Kaminsky and Katherine Towler


ten minutes late --
a morning-train's zen
for the fallen leaves


Devika said...

Nice to see you there,Tikkis...and love the haiku,

i was in a flight recently -- possibly zen too (it was too cloudly), yet we reached dot on time...there's something about this universe, which takes care of itself, i think...when left to its own,

sorry for a long commentary, Tikkis...just flowed from my pen :)


Magyar said...

Late for work, the leaves! Lovit, Tikkis! _m

Gillena Cox said...

quite iteresting; i liked this " the “spiritual” isn’t something available only to specialists, but something more like water—ubiquitous. "

much love

Anonymous said...

feeling the chill
shadows sweat panic
tails twisted

Anonymous said...

sent packing
now they walk
the white-line home

Anonymous said...

doors latched
age-old promises
to be
delivered soon

Anonymous said...

empty handed
i arrived
empty handed
i return

'twas an eye-opener
meeting up with
this absolutely
delightful new world