Thursday, April 01, 2010

Snow spider
on winter's last day
resting a while

We found this spider yesterday on the snow. My wife said she will save this spider and was intended to do it (?!). (She is fond of spiders.) But this spider continued his trip. (Or her.) Where to; no idea. Still snow all over. But melting, as you can see. Snow-spiders nesting somewhere?

One spider from Issa, year 1805

mai-mai ya asu naki haru wo kao wo somete

water spider
on spring's last day

Translated by David G. Lanoue


eddie said...

very cool!!!

Bill said...

Tkkis, this is an Issa-class haiku!

RBroeker said...

Great haiga. And yes, of course: cool.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

Fine haiga!
__The snow spider stepping into spring. _m

__Can you imagine... 8 cold feet?

John McDonald said...

I agree with Bill Tikkis -wonderful

Janet said...

very nice, Tikkis!

In Michigan we have Winter Stone Flies who come out to play in the snow just before Spring. It is so funny to see them jumping about on little snow mountains. This year they were playing during the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

There are some insect, which can survive in coldnesse, for example this animal we call "Gletscherfloh":
A symbol for resistance and tenacity of life.
Best wishes

Gillena Cox said...

those crystals
spider crawls across
will soon be gone

much love

And here are Archived at my blog Lunch Break
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August 23th 2007
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Ashi said...

super haiga :)

Tikkis said...

Thanks for all these kind comments here!

Cool --
crystal snow

Magyar; no, I didn't! 4 pair of woollen socks for mending; poor mother!

Janet: Interesting!
- Snowboarding Stone Flies!

Rudi: Also one more animal: the people!


unwoven nest
catching up
the warm

- and thanks for the spider links!