Tuesday, March 23, 2010

those clouds
heading northwards


Bill said...

Beginning with "also" catches the reader off guard. Very effective.

Gillena Cox said...

are they rain clouds ?

much love

John McDonald said...

interesting tikkis

Tikkis said...

This was from a longer set, I voted this one as a winner.

Something not said: one that I ought to drive up there, to River Deatnu. Late May or early June. To see again those nights filled with bright sun. (And to climp up a new hill this time.) And to have a nice cup of black coffee (perhaps one beer also) in the European Union's Northernmost Pub. It's located in Nuorgam, Utsjoki.

We got southerly - southwesterly warm winds here. Still a winter up there.

under a thick ice
not a sound of water --

Deatnu = Teno in Finnish, a big river

Tikkis said...


traveling clouds
passing us
high up

Thanks John. (Some of our clouds are perhaps from the west coast of the North Sea?)

Tides in Granton --
the sea breathes out,
breathes in

Magyar said...

Ooooo, I like those northerly clouds, Tikkis! _m

an engines cloud
this runner to the north
tracks clatter

RBroeker said...

Makes me think, but the whole thing sounds like "had not ime to finisch it"..

Best wishes

Juhani Tikkanen said...

Recession --
north-westerly winds
as corporate raiders

(... ash-clouds ...

ralf: (An interesting point!)

not yet arrived