Sunday, April 25, 2010

a departing ship
joining with the sky
and the sea


Karol Rosiak said...


Bill said...

Maybe "departing" instead of "leaving." In English, we'd say "the ship is leaving," but not (usually) " a leaving ship." Language is a funny thing, and English is funnier than most.

Tikkis said...

Thanks Karol!

Bill: Done! Thank you.

I took this photo when visited Tallinn. Walked a couple hours in Old Tallinn. Nice weather...

Words meaning so much, but so little. Or as Wallace Stevens:


What syllables are you seeking,
in the distances of sleep?
Speak it.

John McDonald said...

yes nice one tikkis

Magyar said...

__Joining the fog and sea becoming one, the ship sails.

Both... grand, Tikkis.

Karol Rosiak said...

Tikkis in my blog:

Anonymous said...

The place where sky and sea come together - that's eternity. The ship seems to be lost in eternity.
That's my mood.
I do hope everybody will return save.

Great haiku

Gillena Cox said...

your fits neatly into my activities today; our chior sang at a funeral

funeral wreath
some of the flower buds
still to be opened

much love

Tikkis said...

Thanks for this discussion here;
there are many points reminding of, as MS Estonia. Sunk 28.9.1994. Left Tallinn. 852 sunk. 137 survived.

- It was quite rough sea that night. And MS Estonia got some extra Engine-power because she was planned to sail in heavy ices without any Ice-breakers assistance; the captain used this extra power againts the heavy SW-gale to keep the timetable...

Alse there is still several different theories how (or why) MS Estonia sunk.

And Gillena; a nice haiku!