Tuesday, July 04, 2017

summer holiday -
vileness by the lake
& bright sun

At first this was my comment in Joseph Massey's Facebook.


Magyar said...

swim in this lake
once skated on its ice
sunglasses sink

___ Wow, what an ugly (whatever) this is that I just left.

Good to see you Tikkis_! I truly hope all is well_!

Tikkis said...

:-) Thanks -m!

I had quite a lot to worry around our labor organization side. (Former Finnish Radio Officer's Union) Big changes to come. Now waiting final results during future autumn meetings, nearly all now anyway seems to be all right.

Meanwhile wrote some, or many, small poems (= haiku) in my Finnish blog. Why not translated those into English? Well, they sounds a bit different. hmn. ?

This summer I'm perhaps not visiting Lappland. Sorry for that. My mother-in-law we just visited. She is alive. Now waiting the big Sailing vessels to visit Turku!