Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Good morning!
A happy tit flying -
a good morning

Why this flying bird? At first L2 was:
"a happy pigeon flying free"...

But I did not found any flying pigeon from my albums, just a small tit...

Let's it fly then!


Here is the same bird, just before it voted:


Gillena Cox said...

lots of pigeons in my area; enjoyed your happy little tit

much love...

Magyar said...

Here... 'tis now the Blue-Jays, riding the Nor'Eastern winds.

Nice sight Tikkis. _m

Tikkis said...

Thanks Gillena! We have also a friendly and lively squirrel around here. Sometimes they seemingly play together, tits and the squirrel.


Approaching winter also decreasing many birds from here. And eastern winds are during the winter time quite cold ones.

Eastely winds -
remaining tit