Thursday, March 15, 2012

The trains don't whistle anymore. I visited yesterday Helsinki for a short meeting. Got a pencil and wrote these, this one was #1:

from an old snow -
bird whistling

I did not like the word "smell". Scent? Stink? What aroma snow's got? Then #2:

old snow
ebbing away -
a black bird!

The train was late. I checked the time and got slightly nervous. When arrived at Helsinki main railway station our train was 7 minutes late! When returning later back to Turku I wrote #3:

this year
melting snows seemingly
missing the train

When I was back at home again I was not at all worried how to make yourself clear in haiku-writing.

The black bird? - Perhaps just a rapid shadow?


Bill said...


the faint smell
of old snow –
bird whistling

Good work.

Magyar said...

I like them all, Tikkis!
To them, I add a silly mis-guided view

the train
misses the black bird
sour snow. _m

Tikkis said...


Just perfect! Thank you.

Magyar :-)

So humanly
aged snowfields
as for ever

(As told in Polona's I am just now passing my 66.6 birthday! - Survived?)