Saturday, March 31, 2012

I visited Kuopio. My friend was buried there. Finnish text is something like this:

path to the grave -
a returning


Iris said...

Very sad story with a beautiful photo. Thanks this white snow and the sun the path is not so cruel...
I have been to Kuopio many years ago at Kuopio's Summer University; I learned Finnish. I was younger and my path was bright and long. You reminded me that time, I have fantastic memories from Kuopio.

Tikkis said...

Hello Iris; nice to hear!

And Kuopio is a nice place.

My friend was already an old man, two months older than me...

This one I wrote today here at Turku; it's been quite freezing nights!

seriously -
are you going to proceed
o lazy spring?

Iris said...

Thank you Tikkis,
I remember that summer in Kuopio was really very. In spite of that I visited sauna regulary :)
Well, I wish the spring come soon to Turku :)
Meantime I invite you to visit my blog and eventually to watch my photos of Warsaw :)
I Have never been to Turku however I visited some places including Helsinki in Finland :)
Best regads