Friday, October 07, 2011

Windy autumn -
after yellowed leaves
a lively rainfall


Bill said...

Puts us in the moment.

John McDonald said...

nice tikkis (by the way that last haiku of mine on your links page has been removed from zenspeug as I was not happy with it - sorry tikkis)

Magyar said...

kicking leaves
on this afternoon walk
early dark

Seeing the summer fade, we find a wealth... in autumn.

Tikkis said...

Thanks Bill, John and Magyar.

John: That link page is build by Blogspot, automatically, and I think it will "repair" itself...

Sorrowful world -
as many unused words
as yellow leaves


Tikkis said...

And Magyar:

Kicking leaves ...
aucchh! a big stone
hided in the path