Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No way to
tell you anything
more than
this one.

I got The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley 1975 - 2005. Thank you Amazon! I had already his Collected 1945-1975. This one is from Robert Creeley's Windows (1990).

Next one is my comment for that photo I took when seated near Hyde Park Corner a week ago. I was just listening.

Two pigeons

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Devika said...

Oh i loved it, Tikkis... but i'm not sure i'm getting it, you made a haiga for Creeley's poem with your photograph? did Creeley present it as a text which case it could be read in more than 1000 ways :)

And on your comment -- Politics today has more pigeons ...even when they tussle in disagreement? a good sign?


John McDonald said...

good one Tikkis

Tikkis said...

Not so complicated but very simple:
1. Pigeons 'discussing' at Hyde Park Corner, where everyone is free to talk what ever he/she wants.

2. Creeleys text talking about talking.

3. Nobody perhaps did not know; I was in London in a meeting where we talked and talked this day's EU's economical politics from the point of view European Workers.

Euro is in big trouble.

Got a couple hours free from meeting and visited Hyde park, just near our hotel, and found these two pigeons also talking, talking...

Politely, just as British pigeons are doing it.


Devika said...

Okay i read that you been to London...but i was thinking of the political plot that caused IMF chief's stepping down...could it all be linked? but will Sarkozy (and euro) be saved if Strauss is ousted -- or could it have been better for the euro if Strauss was the next Prez...just wondering,

interesting to watch the pigeons-and politicians? :)

lastly, my confusion was if you used your Hype Park photograph for Creely's poem -- perhaps not so important to know :)


Devika said...

Oh not Hype park...Hyde Park :)


Devika said...

btw, what do you work as when you are not a poet -- if it's okay to ask, because you talking with workers was interesting :)


Eddie said...

Political birds :)

we do not have the euro.
but we are discussing about the problems, to introduce the euro or not

Tikkis said...

Thanks Eddie; you are very wise not agree Euro !-)

Devika: It was 1969 when I joined Finnish Radio Officer's Union. Nowadays there are no more any Radio Officers, and we changed our name. Finnish Telecommunications Union. I'm the chairman.

Our people working with computers, as I also did, but now I'm retired from that. I am the chairman up to 2014. (Elected again last spring...)

All this means sometimes traveling to Helsinki (=capital) etc.

Devika said...

Oh! nice to know, Tikkis...and congrats on the re-election :)

this talk reminds me of my father..he was a trade union leader for the CPI in Kerala Transport Service and some other private and public organisations-since the late 60s until his death in 2003,

it's always nice to meet a poet who is socially and/or politically involved... that's why i asked :)