Monday, August 29, 2016

windy August day -
the sun slowly moving


Magyar said...

Northern slant; away from longer days; the cycle.

__ Great to see your good work again Tikkis... as we both lean toward shorter days. ;-)

Tikkis said...

Tomorrow August will be end, this year.
Eagerly waiting for September!

I have cleaned my old texts from my old papers, some of those in my Finnish blog.

The summer is nearly gone. We visited my mother-in-law of course, but also visited Russian Carelia. (Got a visa.) Just a few short text in my Finnish blog. Also visited my old dad, 98.5 years old. He told me how he during the war (1944) was told to meet some Russian soldiers when he served in Lappland. Walked some days up to the Petsamo's hills, met some wandering reindeer breeders only. had some reindeer-soup with them, and walked back to the base. (His team was also short of food because of many days walking through Lappish stony country, none paths or ways. My dad ought to help some of his friends to carry their weapons because some of them became tired.

What else? Visited too many times Helsinki. Too much office-duties.

Bill said...

Hey, Tikkis. Your dad sounds like quite a guy.

Magyar said...

Hope all is well_!

Tikkis said...

Oh, since August none text from me? I think I'm alive?

1st December -
Santa Claus with his wife
having their breakfast?

Magyar said...

... and happy Holidays to you and Mrs. Claus, and all the Elves, Smiles_! _m