Thursday, July 09, 2015

an old boat
resting a while -
wind from the river


Magyar said...

__I have loved this since it first appeared... such stories are heard between the boat and this old shed_!
__I am ignoring no one... just trying to remain quiet for a while, and allow my opinions "steep." in the silence. Always Tikkis, _m.

Tikkis said...

Well, perhaps I have photoed this boat and this old granary
before- Here is some background: EU claims this type of river-boat is "illegal" now. That boat is traditional Lappish boat used "quite a long time".
Located by the Deatnu (Big River in English). My friend, a sami-writer got a cottage there. I visited him a couple week ago. He is published some poems, wrote in Sami-Language. (I do not understand that language, anyway he speaks Finnish and Swedish.) Near all the traffic went by the river during the open-water periods, and otherwise they used reindeer's help.
Herefrom is some 100 km up to Northern Sea, Norwegian Sea. Lot of salmon swimming up this river. Biggest village is some 20 km southwards, now there is a good highway. When returning home I did not sleep att all, first 1000 km down to Jyväskylä. Started from Deatnu at 11.00 and arrived Jyväskylä at 05.00 in the morning. (abt 18 hrs) Not so bad driving because of not any dark in those Northern areas yet. Slept some hours and at noon continued down to Turku and my home. (300 km.)