Friday, July 04, 2014

The whole forest
out of tune -
easterly winds


Nick said...

Out of tune? Or a different song?

Magyar said...

__Tikkis, I like this water's reflection... the forest 'out of tune' by the 'easterly winds' on this watery surface. 'The whole forest.'
__Nifty! _m

Tikkis said...

Hello Nick!

Key line is Easterly winds: here in Finland those mean usually bad weather. Winds from Russian Siberian...

The photo is not so clever, but found that the water-lilies on the lake seemed to me as musical notes.

(Sibelius once composed a song after he saw some (many) birds sitting on telephone lines... :-)

The wind itself is silent, the sound the wind is "composed" comes from the object the wind "disturbs"?

When I sailed on the high seas the noise during the storms were made by the ship, or waves.

an old tired tree
trying to sleep -
noisy wind


_M, ;-)

sheltered by the forest
from a naughty winds
a calm lake