Friday, December 27, 2013

an one minute
longer daylight -
rising finances?

Yesterday our sun was up from 9:25 to 15:17.
Today 9:25 - 15:18. Wau!


Magyar said...

Here too the days are stretching, moment by moment, by moment.

our eyes
count the longer days
a birds note

Nice Tikkis. _m

Tikkis said...

:-) yes!

And the global warming means here again freezing cold!

And we must pay all kind of "taxes" because off approaching global warming.

We should also need quite a lot nuclear-power stations for electric.
We orderer one new from French Areva, but they are not able to build it?-(

Now talks to order another one from Russia! Our neighbors, Swedish does not like the idea. Anyway, we need the electric to warm our houses during the global-freezing periods.