Saturday, September 07, 2013

A peacemaker

I got a pacemaker a year ago,and I was warned f.e. airport's security check-gates. I have a warning card for those.

When visited Hong Kong and Shanghai I walked through the security checkpoints, At Helsinki the officer said "no problem, it does not hurt your pacer, just walk through..." I did and I felt simply nothing. The gate did not alert, either.

Then when leaving Hong Kong the officer was afraid: "You got a pacer?!" Yes, I said. Looked at the poor officer, and remembered what I was told at Helsinki, and walked through the gate. Just silence. My pacer was calm and steady.

But when I used my pacer-card at Sanghai airport the officer was alarmed. "Take gate nr 5!" I turned back and tried to see where is gate #5. Luckily a polite officer joined me and we went to the gate # 5. There was just two kind female security officers, they checked me with their sensitive fingers... Shortly I had to join my group. And when flying over the Siberian back to Finland I still had a nice memory. O Shanghai's security check! I'll return, some day!

This short text I wrote when left Turku when heading towards Lapland:
security check -
 my pacemaker echoing

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Bill said...

Shanghai sounds nice. Gate #5, anyway.