Friday, August 23, 2013

I visited Lapland and had a nice holiday. Two nights I slept in a tent. Woke up when some crows and magpies had something to tell (me?).

after good-morning-crows
a magpies begins to argue -
I had my morning piss...

a silent night -
a grass not sleeping


Bill said...

Just left this at Gillena's blog. Seems to fit this post, too.

late summer grasses . . .
how my old friend
has aged

The "late summer grasses" actually came over from a post at Juliet's "crafty green poet" blog.

Tikkis said...

:-) Thanks Bill!

untired sun
shining as going to shine
for ever

My short visit to Lappland was two tests for myself:

a) How my left leg is managing

and b) how I can manage driving the car.

Both were quite good, and my old car was quite nicely all that trip, too! And not so thirsty she was. (Some 6 ltrs / 100 km.)

But still my left leg feels not so good. (That leg the snake bit. Spent two weeks in a bed in hospital...))

I don't have an automatic gear box, but right leg was working OK. (Nearly too eagerly concerding my driving speed.)

And also my friend took the wheel for many hundred kms...

At three o'clock in the morning we were there, by The Deatnu. (Teno they call it in Finnish.)

Our coffee went short and after 10:00 P.M. the coffee-bars were closed. Sad. We had to stop and have a lemonade-cocktail partys with the lemonade was reserved for our vodka...


It was not so dark anyway, so it was easy to drive through the midnight. Just a few reindeers and luckily no one collided with us.

So, I'm feeling quite young, being 68 years old.


My left leg
eagerly waiting for
next trip up north

Magyar said...

__Once, long ago... I wanted to go ice skating on the lake, at which we lived, in NE. Connecticut.
__My Dad said no! The ice had yet to become supportable. Then my Dad added... "Someday, it will be as warm here in January, as it would in Florida." I was ten years old, and I wondered; I still wonder.


we curse
of nature's planned changes