Friday, January 18, 2013

18th Jan 2013


Bill said...

How can you tell when a snowflake is angry?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I know that!
I shoveled and afterwards my work was spoilt by more snow. That's winter!

Best wishes

Tikkis said...

Bill, as Rudi said it!

(- Thanks, Rudi!)

But snow is also warm, it shelters the earth against frost damages during winter, e.g. the water pipes
not to freeze.

My path is another matter, more snow snowing on it without shoveling it clean, thicker ice will develop on, and it is slippery to walk, and dangerous.

O snowflake
fly over to the neighbors,
their kids making a snowbuddha!

(Anyway, the Snowbuddha is not easy to make if the snow is too cold...)

Magyar said...

An angry snow flake
Shoveled into this crowd,
Discovers the value
Of being alone.

Tikkis... that looks like a page from one of my "scribble" books.


Tikkis said...

Magyar, perhaps, yes.

Whenever writing a poem where the snow is one element I feel lack of words.

In Finnish there are many more different words for snow so when writing in English there are not so many words to choose from.

Mostly I'm thinking myself in Finnish, so the texts in English are translatios. Mostly. Then there are words I don't like .-)

Some days ago I was looking these falling snowflakes settling down, descending after their long trip, that how on earth they find common ground altogether?

in the altogether
so many youngster snowflakes
and freezing cold it is

very well, thanks also for your text here. And I like your "scribbles" too .-)