Sunday, October 14, 2012

diminishing day-rays
a safe autumn


Magyar said...

morning rain
clatters through these leaves
one more cup

__Back to the coffee!

Thanks, Tikkis! _m

Gillena Cox said...


much love...

Bill said...

home from the hospital
how much autumn
do I have left

(This is not about me, but the first person pronoun feels right.)

Tikkis said...


checking the world
behind the curtains -
misty morning

(Just having my porridge.)

- Thanks Gillena!

- Bill:

thirsty autumn -
a nice cup of coffee
slightly vaporing

I myself spent a couple days in the hospital. Then I got a pacemaker. I call it my "Duracell-rabbit". It is working 25 hours a day. A busy rabbit!

I met a very nice old fellow there, great stories we got. He was my roommate, abt 84 years old I think. He got just more bills. (He was slighly envying my pacemaker...)

not extra time for
peace making