Friday, May 18, 2012

worn-out highway
in the middle of the day
salty holes


Gillena Cox said...

Line 2 is a nice surprise

much love...

Tikkis said...

Gillena :-)

At first I had a sentence in Finnish:
"keskellä päivää", = in the middle of the day

-> broad daylight - > broadway ->

Compination of salt spread onto wintry roads - due to melt the ice off - and cars' studs the roads are very often quite "worn out" at spring time ...

Very often there are smaller and bigger holes in the asphalt too..

That's why I thing the Germans don't allow studs in winter tyres?

winter's gone -

Iris said...

Nice to read this haiku, especially because I was told that we have street holes because of bad asphalt in Poland :)