Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early sun -
after chilly night
a happy crow


Magyar said...

__Due to other things, I've missed some of your posts Tikkis; in review I like the "Pathway to the Grave" the "Passing Gull," and I hear this, "The Happy Crow."


Tikkis said...

_ m

We are alive,
all of us,
irrespective of what's going on,
or nor?

Warm morning -
found an open entering
to hedgehog's nest

Anonymous said...

I like this,

because crows in traditional haiku ständ for autumn. So a happy crow is a positive sign: everything is going on! Crows for spring!

Best wishes

Tikkis said...


The crow
admiring the spring -
the cold winter is gone...

Some of our crows are sometimes migrating southwards; last winter it was quite cold everywhere in Europe I think?

an old crow
already waiting for
becoming autumn?